Payment Terms

Grand Vue Apartments are providing it’s future owners and residents with the following financing alternative;


  • A payment scheme running up until completion of the apartments. The buyer will pay twenty percent (20%) of the purchase price at signing of the legal documents, five percent (5%) every second month for a period of twenty months (55% in total) and the remaining twenty five percent (25%) at completion and handover of the apartment. Buyers who sign up for an apartment after 1st May 2014 will have to pay a larger up-front payment than 20% in order to “catch-up” with the financing scheme. After this initial payment, five percent (5%) will be paid every second month in accordance with the original payment schedule.
  • The payment schedule:


On signing of the sale agreement20%
31st of March 20135%
31st of May 20145%
31st of July 20145%
30th of Sept 20145%
30th November 20145%
31st of January 20155%
31st of March 20155%
31st of May 20155%
31st of July 20155%
30th of September 20155%
30th of November 20155%
Upon completion and handover25%